Linux Install Too Complicated? Try a Vista Install

[ Thanks to Wiktor
for this article. ]

The notebook I dual boot with Ubuntu came with Vista Business,
which is dog slow sometimes (I haven’t installed SP1 on it yet). I
thought maybe I would use a guide someday to reinstall Vista (or
maybe not). But here’s the funny aspect to it: the guide I
is long and complicated, but it seems like people from
the Windows world are able to understand and follow it anyway.

Now, if this guide is the way to clean install Vista, then don’t
ever tell me that Windows users are unable to follow guides for
Linux or *BSD installations. If they can manage with this one for
Vista, they can definitely manage Linux installs.

Of course Linux, *BSD, OpenSolaris, and the rest of the pack
don’t cost a dime, but Vista obviously does. So, is Vista a much
more worthwhile target for these Windows users? And are they
willing to go great lengths just to reinstall Vista using such
“clean-and-straightforward” procedures, while simple
(re-)installation of really clean Ubuntu is

Excuse me while I ROTLFMAO.