Linux Journal: Getting Small with Linux, Part 4

“Welcome back, everyone, to another installment of “Linux in
your pocket” here at the SysAdmin’s Corner. This week, I want to
wrap up (at least for now) our examination of tiny Linuxes with a
look at a heavyweight in this micro-world.”

“With the exception of Trinux (which we covered in episode 2),
all the distributions we’ve covered so far have concentrated on
making it all fit on one diskette. While today’s micro-Linux does
qualify in this description of Linux on a single diskette, you can
also expand its capabilities with add-ons. This is muLinux, brought
to you by Italy’s Michele Andreoli. With all the standard
add-ons, muLinux weighs in at seven diskettes….

“A full-featured muLinux contains the 2.0.36 kernel, supports
umsdos, ext2, NFS, DOS and vfat file systems, handles printers and
printing, full TCP/IP networking with support for several loadable
Ethernet card modules, and has your basic collection of Linux
commands like gzip and gunzip, less, mv, ls, tar, sort and so on.
You also get a host of networking tools like traceroute, ping,
telnet, rlogin, sniffit, nmap and tcpdump. You can even run inetd
and offer telnet or ftp services. Need a PPP connection? No
problem–it’s on the floppy. So is diald, for those requiring
dial-on-demand capabilities. There’s also fetchmail, cron, efax,
lynx (you have to be able to surf), a small web server, and even
sound support.”


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