Linux Journal: Linux on Holiday?; Some Linux People Facing Hard Times

“I’m going to take this chance to tell you about the less
fortunate. While it’s nice to talk about how great Linux is, and
how wonderful the ideology is, I wanted to make sure you knew that
a lot of Linux people are unemployed this December.”

“It has not been good for Linux recently. When Linux
enthusiasts all over the world waved their flags when VA Linux had
their massive initial public offering, they didn’t expect to see
the stock drop to today’s 9 and three-sixteenths points. There
have been layoffs all over the Linux sector.
LinuxMall has
been in strange financial water, even TheLinuxShow has been plagued
by cash flow issues.”

“Let me tell you about my friend Andrea. Last year, on the
fifteenth of December, Linuxcare announced the acquisition of
Prosa, a consulting firm from Padua, Italy. Not long after the
acquisition, Davide Barbieri offered Andrea a position at Linuxcare
Italy. In May of this year, Linuxcare announced prominent layoffs
after management insanity. It’s December again, and Linuxcare Italy
doesn’t exist anymore.”


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