Linux Journal March 1999

As posted to C.O.L.A.

The March 1999 issue of Linux Journal (#59) will be mailed from the
printers in Waseca, Minnesota on February 11, 1999.

                            TABLE OF CONTENTS

                              LINUX JOURNAL

                              February 1999



     * Alphabet Soup: The Internationalization of Linux, Part 1 by
       Stephen Turnbull
       A look at the problems faced when including different character
       sets into Linux.
     * Autonomous Vehicles by Massimo Bertozzi, Alberto Broggi and
       Alessandra Fascioli
       Let Linux drive your car.
     * Internationalizing Messages in Linux Programs by Pancrazio de
       An introduction to the GNU gettext system.
     * Mediated Reality: University of Toronto RWM Project by Dr. Steve
       What you see is what you get, or is it?
     * Polyglot Emacs 20.4 by Jon Babcock
       A look at multilingual Emacs.

    News & Articles

     * Smart Cards and Biometrics by David Corcoran, David Sims and Bob
     * Linux for the International Space Station Program by Guillermo
     * LJ Talks to Chris Brown of Learning Tree International by Marjorie


     * LinuxPOS, An Opportunity Waiting to Happen by Brian Walters
     * Red Hat LINUX Secrets, Second Editon by Duane Hellums


     * Focus on Software by David M. Bandel
     * Linux Means Business: Cost Effective Services for the Office by
       Kim Henderson
     * At the Forge: Creating a Web-Based BBS, Part 3 by Reuven M. Lerner


     * Letters to the Editor
     * Best of Technical Support
     * Stop the Presses: Partners--Pacific HiTech and Panasonic by
       Marjorie Richardson
     * From the Editor: Internationalization and Emerging Markets by
       Marjorie Richardson
     * New Products
          + ENVI Version 3.1, Research Systems, Inc.
          + FTLinuxCourse, Future Technologies
          + Alexandria 4.50, Spectra Logic Corporation
          + Applixware for Linux, Applix, Inc.
          + c-tree Plus V6.8A, FairCom Corporation
          + AFS Server and AS Client, Transarc
          + Hamilton, Microstate Corporation
          + Cat5 Reach, Raritan Computer
          + TclPro 1.1, Scriptics Corporation
          + Wingz Professional 3.0 for Linux, IISC
          + WordPerfect 8 for Linux, Corel Computer
          + NUOPT for S-PLUS, MathSoft
     * Advertisers Index
     * Linux Consultants HOWTO

    Strictly On-line

     * The K Desktop Environment, Version 1 by Bill Cunningham
     * Linux Network Toolkit by Russell J. T. Dyer
     * Linux and the EURO Currency: Toward a Global Solution by Guylhem

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