Linux Journal: OOo Off the Wall: The Outlining and the Ecstasy

“Outlining is the arrangement of sections within documents. The
process of outlining includes re-positioning paragraphs and making
decisions about what level in the hierarchy a heading should

“Outlining is not writing, but it is a core part of the writing
process. Despite this fact, many people begin to write with almost
no outlining. Perhaps they are in a hurry to get started. Perhaps,
if they attended high school in North America, they think of an
outline as something they cobbled together after they finished
writing the paper simply to satisfy a teacher’s arbitrary demands.
Whatever the reason, many people plunge into a document and
discover its structure as they write. This practice usually is
inefficient, because they are trying to do two things at the same
time, write and organize. They don’t know where they are going,
which makes writing a prolonged and painful process…”


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