Linux Journal: Open Letter to Mr. Charles J. Roesslein, CEO, Prodigy, re BT Hyperlink Suit

“Since I work for a company that makes hyperlinks among other
things, and since I make some links in my spare time, I naturally
got worried about the fact that British Telecom is actually suing
you over their ridiculous claim that they, not Vannevar Bush, Ted
Nelson, Doug Engelbart, or anybody else invented hyperlinks. Could
this be the end of the Web as we know it?”

“But then I started to relax a little. You see, BT’s law
firm is Kenyon and Kenyon, a protection racket that makes its
living shaking companies down for royalties on bogus patents.

Bottom feeders. They would probably be sending out green card spam
if they knew how to work a computer.”

“The Internet community has beaten Kenyon & Kenyon
harassment before, and we can do it again. Do a web search on
“+CueCat +Linux” (what the hell, I’ll make it a link for you)

and you’ll find that they’re the firm that tried to intimidate a
bunch of Linux hackers into ceasing, desisting, and otherwise
caving in to legal threats over independent software developed to
make the CueCat work with Linux. As we should all know by now, the
Linux software that these latter-day Stamp Taxers tried to stomp
out now flies free over the land of the free and the home of the


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