Linux Journal September 1999

The September 1999 issue of Linux Journal (#65) will be mailed from the
printers in Waseca, Minnesota on August 12, 1999.

   Linux Journal
          Table of Contents -- Linux Journal #65 -- September 1999
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     * Netscape Plug-Ins by Larry Hoff
       Get the most from Netscape by extending its ability tohandle
       additional file formats.
     * Multilink PPP: One Big Virtual WAN Pipe by Paul T. Ammann
       MLPPP will give you the power to deliver WAN bandwidth ondemand.
     * Natural Selection in a Linux Universe by Travis Metcalfe and Ed
       Astromers are studing the interior of white dwarf starsusing a
       parallel Linux Cluster.
     * Cooking with Linux--The French Connection by Marcel Gagne
       Scripts to help out with everyday tasks.
     * The 19th Century Meets the 21st by Paul Murphy
     * Multicast: From Theory to Practice by Juan-Mariano de Goyeneche
     * Open Source with Applix by Craig Knudsen
     * upFRONT by Doc Searls
     * Linux Distributions Comparison by Ellen M. Dahl
     * Caldera's Ransom Love by Marjorie Richardson
     * Product Reviews
          + ApplixWare 4.4.1 for Linux by Dean M. Staff
          + Red Hat 6.0 by Jason Kroll
     * Book Reviews
          + Linux Device Drivers by Mark Bishop
          + Learning Perl/Tk by Bill Cunningham
     * Take Command: cron: Job Scheduler by Michael S. Keller
     * Kernel Korner: Supporting Multiple Kernel Versions by Tony Wildish
     * At the Forge: Dynamic Graphics by Reuven M. Lerner
     * Focus on Software by David A. Bandel
     * The Cutting Edge: Voice-Over IP for Linux by Greg Herlein and Ed
     * Letters to the Editor
     * Focus Focus: Cooking with Linux by Marjorie Richardson
     * New Products
          + AccuRev, Ede Development Enterprises, Inc.
          + SQL Anywhere Studio, Sybase, Inc.
          + Code Fusion, Cygnus Solutions
          + RS2000 Remote Access Card
          + HOOPS/AFC, Spatial Technology, Inc.
          + LinkScan 5.4 Workstation and Server, Electronic Software
            Publishing Corporation
          + Multiprotocol Routers, ImageStream Internet Solutions
          + Thin-Server Appliance Software, Network Concierge, Inc.
          + iASP, Halcyon Software
          + XML Pro v2.0, Vervet Logic
          + Pogo Linux Systems, Agenda Technology Group
     * Best of Technical Support
     * Penguin's Progress: The New Building Trade by Doc Searls
     * Advertisers Index
    Strictly On-line
     * Filters by Paul Dunne
     * Adventure by Joseph Pranevich
     * The Unified Modeling Language User Guide by Geoff Glasson
     * Remotely Monitoring a Satellite Instrument by Guy Beaver
     * First UNIX/Linux National Competition held in Ljubljana by Primoz
       Peterlin and Ales Kosir

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