Linux Kernel 4.13 Gets First Point Release, It’s Now Ready for Production Use

That’s right, Linux kernel 4.13.1 is out, and it’s the latest stable kernel available for GNU/Linux distributions that want to offer their users the best hardware support on the market. It looks like Arch Linux already has the Linux 4.13.1 kernel in its Testing repos, so you can give it a try, but we strongly recommend that you wait until it lands in the main repositories before upgrading your kernel. As for what’s new since in the Linux kernel 4.13.1 maintenance update, we can mention a bunch of updates to various wireless drivers, including Atheros’ ath10k, Intel’s iwlwifi, Marvell’s mwifiex, and Realtek’s rtl8188ee, rtl8192ce/cu/de/ee/se, rtl8723ae/be, and rtl8821ae, along with miscellaneous improvements to various crypto, USB, ATA, Android, Bluetooth, iiO, SCSI, and GPU drivers.