Linux Magazine: Getting Help

“One of the most important skills for any Linux newbie to
develop is the ability to know when and where to look for help.
While Linux is much easier to operate than it used to be, chances
are that some day you’re going to run into a situation where you
will need advice from someone who has been there, done that, and
received the proverbial T-shirt.”

“The best place to begin searching for Linux help is on the
Internet. Unfortunately, if you’re having networking problems, you
might find yourself in a catch-22. No need to despair; the answers
you seek might already be available on your very own hard

“The worst has happened. You’re absolutely stuck. You’ve looked
at the HOWTOs and FAQs and you don’t see your particular question
or can’t make sense out of what you do find. You’ve checked the
LDP, and you’ve searched all the support sites. … We’ve all been
there. Since we’ve all been there, however, you’ll find that the
Linux community is generally a pretty friendly and helpful bunch —
assuming you’ve done your homework, that is. If you really have
tried to find the solution in the documentation and Web sites that
are available, you should try asking for help in one of the many
Linux discussion groups.”