Linux Mint 14 Review – The Best Desktop Linux

Coming around much faster than 13, Mint 14 Nadia is the latest version in the popular line of Linux Mint distros, based on Ubuntu. 14 itself is based on Ubuntu 12.10, and as usual replaces the Unity desktop with their own DE offerings of Cinnamon and MATE. It also comes with the Mint developed MDM display manager, which debuted in Mint 13 as a replacement for LDM and GDM, and their own Software Manager.

Images come in two flavours, MATE and Cinnamon, both of which have 32 and 64-bit versions. Installation of the distros is about as easy as it gets, with the installer software showing its Ubuntu roots, even if it has been heavily rebranded. There’s not much control over which repos are included, and whether or not you’d want to add, say, MATE as well to the installation, however it keeps it simple for the more novice users who might find that a bit overwhelming.