Linux Mint 18.3 to Be Dubbed “Sylvia,” Enables HiDPI by Default in Cinnamon 3.6

First of all, Clement Lefebvre is pleased to announce that the codename of Linux Mint 18.3 will be “Sylvia.” Then the developer informed Linux Mint users that the development team decided to listen to their requests for a system restore utility and it looks like Linux Mint 18.3 will be shipping pre-installed with Timeshift, a free app developed by Tony George. Another tool shipping with the Linux Mint 18.3 “Sylvia” release later this year is MintReport or System Reports, an in-house built utility that’s capable of gathering crash reports when applications crash, using Debian/Ubuntu’s apport tool. MintReport will come with debugging symbols by default and can generate stack traces that will be sent the Linux Mint devs.