Linux Mint 7 Review

[ Thanks to Matt for this link.

“I have tried dozens of Linux distributions over the
years, and very few have been installed on my system for more than
a few days. Once the novelty of a new interface, a new bunch of
applications and that warm glow that comes from being just a little
bit geekier wears off I find myself facing the same dilemma:
Windows worked, and the applications I was used to were mostly
Windows based. It’s not that I couldn’t learn to use, or even love,
Linux; it’s just that I didn’t have time.

“Linux Mint 7 has been gaining some press lately, and I found
myself once again curious to see if I could actually make the move
from Windows. I wasn’t expecting much. For all of it’s popularity,
Ubuntu always had some deal breaking issue that I just couldn’t be
bothered fixing which meant that it was removed in favour of
Windows within a few days”

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