Linux Online: Using the Fluxbox Window Manager

“I started using Linux in the pre-KDE and pre-GNOME days. These
have become pretty much the de-facto graphic user interface for
Linux and with good reason. Their spit and polish, usability and
functionality rival the best commercial desktop interfaces, like
Mac OS 10. Their stability goes way beyond the most popular,
Microsoft Windows. I must confess though that despite the quality
of both of these projects, I have never quite warmed up to using
them. I have tried them for perhaps 3 weeks to a month at a time. I
have sometimes started using them again after a major update only
to go back to my first window manager, FVWM, after a week or so. I
can’t really put my finger on the actual beef I have with KDE and
GNOME, but I can’t stay with them for very long…”


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