Linux Tech Daily: Thoughts on Mandriva’s Future

“Mandriva 2007 may be the best distribution I have used.
XGL/AIGLX worked for me right out of the box. My windows wobbled,
things were transparent and I got to spin the cube. The updated
look of Mandriva One is fresh. I was able to install anything I
needed. Looking through Mandriva’s forum, you see employees of the
company who care and are genuinely trying to help. Mandriva offers
‘free as in freedom’ versions and versions with propriatery
software–meaning Nvidia drivers are set up, MP3’s play and
you can watch DVDs. You would expect a release like this to be
trumpeted. Instead, the release was met with hostility. Forums on
tech sites were filled with Linux users cheering for the end of
Mandriva. What happened? How did a company that was loved at one
time become so unpopular? Is the hostility justified?

“I think a starting point for these bad feelings began with the
advent of the Mandriva (formerly Mandrake) Club in late

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