Linux: The Really Fair Scheduler

“During the many threads discussing Ingo Molnar’s recently
merged Completely Fair Scheduler, Roman Zippel has repeatedly
questioned the complexity of the new process scheduler. In a recent
posting to the Linux Kernel mailing list he offered a simpler
scheduler named the ‘Really Fair Scheduler’ saying, ‘as I already
tried to explain previously CFS has a considerable algorithmic and
computational complexity. This patch should now make it clearer,
why I could so easily skip over Ingo’s long explanation of all the
tricks CFS uses to keep the computational overhead low–I simply
don’t need them.’ He offered a mathematical overview of how his new
scheduler works, included some benchmarks, and reflected back to
earlier discussions on the lkml asking, ‘Ingo, from this point now
I need your help, you have to explain to me, what is missing now
relative to CFS. I tried to ask questions, but that wasn’t very