Linux USB mailing list server crash

From C.O.L.A.


        We are sorry to communicate that the server holding the
linux-usb* mailing lists had a crash yesterday. Some files went berzek
and fsck had to kill them. Most of them where re-installable [thx

        But following Murphy's law, the _only_ majordomo files which
died where the linux-usb* subscription lists [nor even the other data
files!]. I've been able to recover from the archives, so if you were
subscribed, you're suggested to re-subscribe again, sending the

subscribe linux-usb
subscribe linux-usb-announce

to majordomo@peloncho.fis.ucm.es.

        Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for reading :)

      Linux USB! -- http://peloncho.fis.ucm.es/~inaky/uusbd-www -
                Inaky Perez Gonzalez --  PGP pubkey fingerprint -
           inaky@peloncho.fis.ucm.es -- 8E 34 3A 62 64 99 E2 44 -
   http://peloncho.fis.ucm.es/~inaky -- AD 7B 30 D9 DD FF 3E 4C -
   The loneliness of the long distance runner .....

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