Linux video editing “v 1.0”

[ Thanks to Lisbon
for this link. ]

“A full Linux video editing workflow is finally ready
for production use. The certified solution is based on Kdenlive
plus a set of components which allow easy integration with
different sources of video (firewire capture, DVD extraction, H264
transcoding, screen capture, etc). The certification and packaging
initiative, which was made possible by years of impressive work
from several groups of open source developers, comes from Angulo
Sólido, Caixa Mágica and the freelance journalist
Caroline Pimenta.

“The solution includes most features expected in professional
video editing packages, such as: multi-track editing, support for a
wide range of formats and codecs (mp3, mpeg2, mpeg4, DnxHD, Theora
and others) and platforms (eg, Vimeo, Youtube), an important set of
effects and transitions, support for screen captures, custom
rendering profiles and subtitle support.

“It can be installed on Linux Caixa Mágica simply by
selecting the package “task-video-editing” on the Synaptic package
manager. All the dependencies are handled automatically.”

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