Linux Weekly News for August 31, 2000

Leading items and editorials: Like standards, software licenses
have a nice feature, Interview with Eazel’s Bud Tribble and Taking
a ride on the Galeon.

“Like standards, software licenses have a nice feature: there’s
an awful lot of them to choose between. Of course, the feature is
not all that nice in either case, especially not with software
licenses. Unlike standards, software is often combined in
interesting ways. As the amount of free software grows, the
interest in building on what has already been grows with it. The
proliferation of licenses is increasingly an obstacle to the free
use of free software….”

“LWN Feature: Interview with Eazel’s Bud Tribble. LWN editor Liz
Coolbaugh sat down at LinuxWorld for a chat with Bud Tribble, Vice
President of Engineering for Eazel. Here is that interview, for
your enjoyment. The focus of the interview is on Eazel’s
experiences over the past six months, Nautilus and GNOME’s

“Taking a ride on the Galeon. Many LWN readers will likely have
heard of the Galeon project by now. Galeon, of course, is a
relatively new web browser built around Mozilla’s Gecko rendering
engine. Unlike Mozilla, however, Galeon restricts itself to just
web browsing. Other tasks, such as news reading, email, and HTML
editing are left to other applications….”

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