Linux Weekly News for December 14, 2000

Leading items and editorials: FreeDesktop.org Window Manager
Spec 1.0 released, Biting off small pieces of the open source space
and Interview: Eric S. Raymond.

“FreeDesktop.org Window Manager Spec 1.0 released.
FreeDesktop.org has announced the release of version 1.0 of the
Extended Window Manager Hints Specification. This spec describes
how the window manager interoperates with graphical applications;
it is essentially an extension of the venerable ICCCM (Inter-Client
Communication Conventions Manual)….”

“Biting off small pieces of the open source space. Some
announcements this week show that the Linux business community is
more active than ever. There are a few interesting business models
being tried out; sooner or later the best ways of making an open
source business work will be worked out. Meanwhile, it is
worthwhile to look at what some companies are up to….”

“Interview: Eric S. Raymond. Maya Tamiya, creator of the
Japanese Linux site ChangeLog.net, recently had an opportunity to
interview Eric Raymond while he was at the Linux Conference 2000
Fall in Kyoto. Maya has now graciously provided the English version
of the interview to LWN as a feature article. Have a look for a
far-ranging discussion on events in the Linux world, software
patents, Linux on the desktop, Linux stocks, running an open source
project, and more….”

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