Linux Weekly News for November 9, 2000

Leading items and editorials: Will the real GNOME office suite
stand up?, FreeDevelopers.net – the way forward? and Penguin
Gallery updated.

“Will the real GNOME office suite stand up? When the release of
the StarOffice code was announced last August, the word went around
that it would become the GNOME office suite. Since then, however,
the story has gotten rather less clear. In fact, the GNOME project
has made no decision on what its officially blessed office suite
will look like. It would appear that the GNOME Foundation, which is
currently electing members, will have a rather difficult decision
as one of its first orders of business….”

“FreeDevelopers.net – the way forward? A rather widely
distributed message made the rounds this week, proclaiming that
Richard Stallman and the GNU Project support FreeDevelopers.net.
Many people had not heard of this organization previously, and were
naturally curious about what’s going on. It is, in fact, an
interesting initiative which seeks to change the way software is
developed worldwide….”

“Penguin Gallery updated. The LWN Linux Penguin Gallery has been
updated with 16 new Tux variants. Have a look and see what the
penguin artists have been up to recently. Thanks to all of you who
have been sending in your penguin sightings.”

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