Linuxcare: Book Review: Red Hat Linux 6 Unleashed

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“Weighing in at a hefty four and a half pounds and spanning
1200+ pages, Sams Publishing’s Red Hat Linux 6 Unleashed takes the
kitchen sink approach to computer books. Starting with a quick
walk-through on installing Red Hat 6 and ending with programming
chapters covering tcl/tk, Python, and Java, Linux Unleashed tries
to do it all.
Does it succeed? This all depends on what you’re
looking for in a Linux book.”

“Linux Unleashed is divided into four sections: Introduction and
Installation of Red Hat Linux; Configuring Services; Systems
Administration and Management; and Programming in Linux. For the
most part, this is a logical way of breaking up the topics.
However, there seems to be a glaring gap between the first two
sections. After showing the readers how to install Red Hat 6, Linux
Unleashed jumps right into setting up network services. An
introduction to text editors and basic shell commands between the
two sections would help Linux and UNIX newbies greatly.”

“Introduction and Installation of Red Hat Linux,” is the
shortest section of the book. Its chapters cover the installation
process, LILO, X Windows, and Window Managers. Overall, this is a
good guide to installing Red Hat 6 if you’re a Linux newbie or have
experience with UNIX, but not Linux. If you already have a decent
amount of experience with Linux, you can get away with skipping
this section. It would have been nice if they’d included a section
on getting Linux to dual boot with another OS.”


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