Linuxcare: Dear Lina: A floppy mounted is worth two in the box

[ Thanks to Linuxcare for this link.

“Dear Lina:
My Linux system is Mandrake 5.3 with the 2.0.36 kernel on a laptop.
A few days ago I copied some files to a floppy disk and unmounted
it. Now, When I try to mount the disk, i get…/dev/fd0 is not
a valid block device. This problem has come up before, and the only
sure-fire way I can fix it is to reboot the system. Is there a
better way?…”

“Dear Lina:
I have set up a Linux server at home running Redhat 6.0 and Samba
2.0.6 on an AMD 300MHz machine with a 3Com 3c905b Ethernet card.
Samba is up and running so that the other Win95 & 98 machines
(for family members, using same type of Ethernet card) in my house
can see the share drives. However, copying files for backup to the
share drives is EXTREMELY SLOW, and seems to get slower as the
transfer progresses. I realize the problem could be something to do
with the Windows side, even though I can transfer files between the
Win machines very quickly, but how can I determine this from the
Linux side?…”