Linuxcare: Dear Lina: Changing prompts and reading man pages

“Dear Lina,
I love virtual consoles, but hate the lame command prompts. I know
darn well what version of Linux I have running – I don’t want my
computer announcing it to everyone who logs in, though. Also it’d
be neat to do something really cool for the console logins. I
wasn’t sure if I could do something different for those, but I
found the annoying text in /etc/issue and /etc/issue.net. When I
changed them, I only got the new prompt when I logged out of my
consoles… and they didn’t last. When I rebooted ‘cuz I added a
tape drive, the smart aleck machine put the annoying ones

“Dear Lina,
I’ve been reading your stuff and I just know you can help me.
Seems a lot of people, when I ask them something, tell me to “read
the man page.” I figured out they mean “type man and then the
program name,” but now… how do I read these things? There are
brackets all over the place.


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