Linuxcare: Dear Lina: Maximal mount count reached and loading an ethernet driver

“Dear Lina,
I read your question and answer about slow bootup in last week’s
Dear Lina. I’m glad to say my box is speedy enough. But I have to
say, sometimes I’m about to fire up for a presentation, have
all my plans together, and *then* it decides to take forever!
Something about “maximal mount count reached” pops up, and time
just drags by before it gets on with life….

“Dear Lina,
I’m installing a Linux distribution and it asks me to load a driver
module for my ethernet card. But I don’t know what kind of card I
have! I could ‘cheat’ and open the case, but even though that would
be the proper method, I want to continue to be a user! How do I go
back and figure this out?…”