Linuxcare: User’s View: Parting Need Not Be Sorrow

[ Thanks to brett
for this link. ]

“Like many computer hackers, I can accumulate extra computer
hardware faster than my cat, Rosina, accumulates fleas. In my vast
computer tool box, the most common hardware extras are motherboards
(practically useless) and hard drives (precious gems). One day,
while using one of these spare hard drives and a Linux box, I set
out to reconfigure my computer. The tale that proceeds details my
first journey deep into the world of Linux partitioning….”

While Linux partitioning is a straightforward process, it
seems to have taken on a veil of mystery. Perhaps this is because
the Linux world is not congruent with the C: drive universe of
Although both file systems originated with the same
UNIX model, Linux is an almost identical duplication and
MS-DOS/Windows ended up like a warped image in a fun house mirror.
This is as much the fault of the inflexible, naive Microsoft file
system design as it is the partitioning model.”