LinuxDevices.com: Axis releases Bluetooth for mobile & embedded Linux

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“Axis has developed a Bluetooth driver for Linux that can be
used both in our eLinux environment as well as on an ordinary Linux
PC. The code is developed for a Linux 2.0.33 kernel, but should not
prove difficult to fit in the latest kernels. It is still under
development though so don’t expect fully functional software —
especially the integration of the stack within the kernel is
fluctuating. Still we know that it works with at least the LAN
profile of Bluetooth (PPP over RFCOMM) and provides a simple form
of Service Discovery. The source code to Axis’ Bluetooth driver is
available in the download section on the Axis Developer’s website,
at developer.axis.com, both
in the stand-alone Bluetooth file and the elinux kernel release.
All code is released under the GPL (Gnu Public License).”

“It is our hope that this will be helpful for anyone else
considering developing with embedded or mobile Linux using
Bluetooth. We will see a massive amount of Bluetooth-enabled
devices come out during the year, and this enables Linux to
communicate with them. If you are interested in helping, or just
want to get the latest buzz, please join the developer

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