LinuxDevices.com: Embedded Linux Weekly Newsletter for Aug. 31, 2000

[ Thanks to LinuxDevices.com for this link.

“FreePad: Norway’s alternative to Sweden’s Screen Phone — This
article gives a detailed “sneak preview” of Screen Media’s
soon-to-be-released FreePad — including its features, functions,
and internal hardware/software. The article also explores the
background and motivations of the company behind the FreePad,
including why it selected Linux and its attitude regarding open
source software.”

“ZDNet Acquires Linux Hardware Database (LhD) — LhD helps Linux
users and developers select and configure hardware for optimal use
under Linux, and offers forums for discussing Linux hardware issues
and experiences with others. LhD provides hardware ratings,
drivers, specifications, user reports, workarounds, and links to
related resources. There’s even a unique “LhD: Rated Linux
Compatible” program.”

“ELEC to feature keynote on IBM Linux Wrist Watch Project — the
second Embedded Linux Expo & Conference, to be held October
27th in Westborough, Mass., will feature a keynote by IBM’s wrist
watch project leader — plus seven other Embedded Linux technical
presentations. This article announcees the technical talks. Mark
your calendar!”

“Server Appliance fits in drive bay, runs embedded Linux —
American Megatrends Inc. (AMI) announced a small Server Appliance
board with Embedded Linux support that fits within a standard
half-height 5.25-inch drive bay.”

“Embedded Debian Project announces kernel/OS build tool — the
open source project has achieved the first preliminary release of
CML2+OS, a system for generating small footprint (1-10MB) Linux OS
configurations for embedded targets.”