LinuxDevices.com: Highest integration 1-chip Internet Appliance?

[ Thanks to LinuxDevices.com for this link.

“It’s a bit of a mystery . . . but Metaflow, a subsidiary of
STMicroelectronics, may be developing the industry’s most complete
single-chip Internet Appliance. Although system-on-chip (SOC)
devices are already offered by rivals . . . , Metaflow’s new design
is rumored to be the first to integrate the ‘killer combo’ of dual
Fast-Ethernet, USB, and display controller — all on a single die.
Like most SOCs, the Metaflow device is expected to implement a
‘post-PC’ architecture, based on either an ARM or MIPS CPU

“Metaflow is posturing its new system-on-chip device, set to
sample in Q4 2000, as a ‘Linux-based single-chip Internet Appliance
enabler.’ The device will be sold to OEMs developing a broad range
of networked appliances and communication applications. Typical
products that could benefit from a Linux-powered SOC with built-in
dual-Ethernet, display controller, and USB might be set-top boxes,
home management systems, firewall appliances, communications hubs,
thin servers, and a variety of embedded data acquisition and
control systems.


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