LinuxDevices.com: Lynx + Linux = . . . Lynux

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“Six months ago, Lynx Real-Time Systems — well known for its
LynxOS proprietary real-time operating system (RTOS) — unveiled a
courageous strategy to embrace Linux, rather than face it in armed
combat on the embedded battlefield.”

“In what must have demanded a strong blend of soul searching,
strategic vision, and self confidence, Lynx Real-Time Systems
embarked on a dual-pronged plan of remaking itself in the image of
the Great Penguin: (1) create a branded distribution of embedded
Linux called “BlueCat Linux”, absent a real-time emphasis; and (2)
build binary Linux application compatibility into the company’s
mainstream (and well respected) RTOS product, LynxOS. After all,
Lynx Real-Time Systems had built its business on being
UNIX-compatible. “Why not,” they probably reasoned, “become
‘Linux-like,’ and hitch a ride on the Linux popularity rocket?”

While other proprietary RTOS vendors were busy defining
their differences from Linux and arguing why they offered a better
solution, Lynx Real-Time Systems was positioning itself to become
one of the strongest supporters of Linux in the embedded
Rather than putting effort into training their sales,
support, and technical staff to sell against Linux, Lynx began
preparing themselves to support Linux for customers who wanted it
— while no doubt hoping to continue supplying LynxOS whenever


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