LinuxForum: Debian on a 386

[ Thanks to Puma
for this link. ]

“I remember getting my first PC back in 1989. I had been using,
mostly for games, a wonderful little Commodore 64 up until that
time. I was getting tired of waiting an hour to spell check a
paper, so I was quite excited to get a new computer. It was a
cutting edge 386/20 with a whole 1 MB of RAM and an expansive 40MB
hard disk drive. That 386 served me well for many years and
underwent many upgrades. I added an 80387 co-processor, another
whopping 120MB hard drive (the original 40MB later died), and
eventually 8MB of RAM. In the last few years, though, this machine
has just been sitting in the corner collecting dust. I would start
it up every once in a while to just see that it still booted and
ran. After building my own home LAN comprised of a couple of Linux
boxes, I wanted to get that 386 running and doing something

Then, the other day, I got really ambitious and decided to
just try another full distribution on the system. I had heard many
good things of Debian but had never tried it out.
I visited
their web site and saw that they offered a method to install a base
system via floppy disks. This looked interesting and it was only a
handful of images I needed to grab. So I fired up my ftp client,
downloaded them and created the 8 floppies I would need.”

“I was very impressed with the entire install process. I was
prompted for some basic information on the system and then off it
went, only asking for disk swaps. There are a few points where you
need to have a bit of Linux knowledge, though…”