LinuxGames.com: 3D Video Cards in Linux

“In the past year, support for video accelerators under Linux
has begun to show real signs of life. Most people know that 3dfx
cards have long been supported, but the Utah-GLX and DRI projects
have begun to provide drivers for cards from other companies like
ATI and Matrox.”

“In the Windows world, the release of new drivers would normally
result in a flurry among the gaming websites. Readers would be
subjected to page after page of benchmarks, all intent on informing
the public of the performance of which each video card was capable.
Further, shootouts would be held to show the relative performance
of each card on a variety of CPUs.”

But until now, a Linux user has had to rely on occasional
benchmarks mentioned in a mailing list or USENET forum to get an
idea of what kind of performance to expect from their video card.
This article attempts to take a serious look at five common cards
that users can use to play Quake 3 Arena in Linux…