LinuxHardware: Augustus’ Ultimate Linux Workstation: Part I

[ Thanks to Augustus for this link.

“I think one of the best ways to tell people what the best
components are, is to show them the system you would build if money
was almost no object. That’s where this article comes in. This is
my story of building my ultimate Linux box. So why Augustus’
Ultimate Linux Box and why not THE Ultimate Linux Box? Well,
because not everyone needs the same sort of system. The number one
flame I would have gotten if I would have claimed to build THE
Ultimate Linux Box would have been about why I didn’t go with
component X over component Y because of Z. By explaining why I
chose which parts I did for my needs, I hope to keep these sort of
flames down to a minimum and give you a look at parts you may want
in your next system. Along with each ‘Top Pick’ part, I will also
provide you with my budget alternative…”