LinuxISO: A Review of “Linux Apache Web Server Administration”

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for this link. ]

“Apache is the most popular web server in use today. In a recent
survey by Netcraft, 59.69% of all web servers ran Apache. Apache
administration will be at least helpful, if not necessary, in
future job markets. With its flexibility, performance, and purchase
price (It’s free.), it is easy to see why this web server is
powering more than half of the web sites on the internet. “Apache
Web Server Administration” by Charles Aulds answers many questions
about Apache and starts at the beginning, where it should.”

“Apache Web Server Administration” is a great way to get
started, or even further your knowledge of Apache. This book has
wonderful examples of configurations that make sense and are to the
point. This book encompasses most everything that your average
webmaster may run into, including Perl, Python, SSL, SSI, Virtual
hosting, add-ons, and many other features. It did not take me very
long to realize this book is one of the more useful and informative
Apache books out there.”

“The first section gives the reader an introduction to Apache,
how it works, and what you can use it for. I found this section
very comforting, and reading it should leave more interest than
intimidation about what Apache can do. A basic explanation of the
Internet, the World Wide Web, and how all of it works together to
serve the millions of individual websites is included. This section
ends with a nice comparison of the major web servers, and the
features that are unique to each of them.”


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