LinuxJournal: Putting OpenLDAP to Work

“…Now we need to setup OpenLDAP to accept the import of our
directory structure and provide access to our address book in
Netscape. One of the common questions asked on the OpenLDAP mailing
lists is, “How do I get Netscape’s address book to use my LDAP
server?” Hosting address book information is a frequent use of LDAP
directories because of their fast search/retrieve capabilities. Add
to that advanced features, such as SSL/TLS session encryption and
directory server replication, and you have a terrific open-source

“We are going to be using the freely available OpenLDAP package
suite for Linux. The OpenLDAP team recently released v2 of their
software, which now supports both LDAP v2 and v3. Notable additions
with the introduction of LDAP v3 are the Transport Layer Security
(TLS) and improved authentication methods. OpenLDAP can be
installed in one of two ways: from source code or from a
prepackaged deb/rpm. At the time this article was written, the
latest stable version was openldap-2.0.6. Packages and/or source
can either be obtained from http://www.openldap.org, your
distribution CD, http://rpmfind.net, or apt-get. You will likely
need both client and server packages if installing via rpm. Here is
a quick rundown to install from source.”


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