Linuxlookup.com: Arch Linux version 0.6 (Widget) Review

“I am a recovering distribution junkie. I would obsessively
spend my time at Distrowatch, looking for something new. There were
plenty of exciting releases. After a while, the excitement would
wear off, and the sexy distribution I installed would have some
annoyance, so I would dump it and look for something new.

“Then I met Slackware 9.1.The package manager Swaret made
upgrading easier. Linuxpackages.net gave me all the apps I needed.
The trinity of ‘configure, make, make-install’ combined with
Slackware’s simple layout made programs not available as a package
fairly easy to install. The 2.6 kernels worked well with it. It was
nice to stick with a system, keep it up to date and learn. I began
to enjoy distribution monogamy, but old habits die hard…”

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