LinuxLookup: Neuros OSD Review

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“The Neuros OSD is small. Very small. At only 14cm wide, 14cm
deep and 3.2cm high, it fits comfortably in just about any hole
you’d care to stow it.

“It’s a great concept–a completely open source set top box
running Linux that can be programmed to do whatever you like.
Except, it’s not that straight forward. While almost all of the
environment is open source there are some components that are
closed source, such as several kernel modules. The modules in
question are related to several of proprietry onboard chipsets such
as A/V encoding and decoding. It isn’t ideal but it’s a necessary
evil, otherwise the low-spec. CPU wouldn’t be able to handle the
decoding to play back video, never mind the encoding…!”


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