LinuxMall.com: Linuxcare: Support for the Convolution

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For many observers, trying to follow recent developments at
Linuxcare has been like watching a train wreck on the Open Source

“Linuxcare last week briefly emerged from the “silent period” of
its initial public offering (IPO) with an announcement that its
venture capitalist (VC) CEO Fermand Sarrat had left the company and
that the offering would be indefinately delayed.”

“In the announcement’s aftermath, Linuxcare has seemed unable to
control the torrent of controversy surrounding Sarrat’s abrupt
departure and criticism of its business plan. Critics have
speculated that this could be damaging to the company within the
Linux Community and among investors. At best, the announcement is a
setback to the the distribution-agnostic Linux support and
education company with the motto “Support for the Revolution.”