LinuxMall.com: Red Hat 6.2 – First Impressions

[ Thanks to Joshua
for this link. ]

“The first thing I noticed was that the new welcome screen had
changed a bit. There is now an option for a driver diskette. This
is an amazing step up in the ability to load Linux on machines that
include hardware that may not be supported by the standard drivers
included with Linux.”

“With the release of 6.1, Red Hat introduced a new graphical
installation based on X. Many believe that this was in answer to
the new graphical install options by other distributions such as
Caldera or Corel. Unfortunately, this was an uncommon misstep for
Red Hat. The release was rushed and a bit buggy. Version 6.2 fixes
much of this. The graphical installer came up perfectly, presenting
me with a 640 x 480 display with all the options available for

“Overall, I would consider this a productive release for Red
Hat, but if you are happy with your installation of 6.1, I can not
justify upgrading to 6.2. If you are a new user, Red Hat is
still not the perfect installation, as offerings from Corel and
Caldera are much easier to install. Still, 6.2 of Red Hat is a
solid step forward and is probably what 6.0 should have


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