LinuxMall.com: Red Hat Returns to High-Tech Roots

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“The layoff of three employees at Wide Open News isn’t the
only change going on at Red Hat this week, but the company is
changing through growth, not instability, according to a company

“Red Hat’s Open Source community partnerships and investitures
seem to be increasing even as its stock prices continue to
decrease. A number of public announcements, such as the visible
scaling back of Wide Open News, seemed incongruous with Red Hat’s
recognition as one of Red Herring’s top 100 public companies. But
Red Hat spokesperson Melissa London says this is all part of a
restructuring that will bring Red Hat back to “its core
competencies: technical software and service delivery.”

“…the layoffs of the three Wide Open News staff members this
week and the resulting cutback at Wide Open News was not
financially motivated, London said. Instead, it was a matter of
“refocusing on technology content,” London said. “It’s really a
continuing evolution of Red Hat and RedHat.com. …the news that’s
generated from Red Hat will be technology-specific, like white
papers, FAQs, things that help people and businesses deploy Open
Source solutions.”


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