LinuxMalll.com: Dell Firm in IA-64 Support as Distributions Vie for Developers

[ Thanks to LinuxMall.com for this link.

“Dell reinforced its commitment to the project formerly
known as Trillian with the recent Red Hat announcement that it has
released an early version of its source code for the Intel Itanium
processor platform targeting high-end servers and

“Red Hat is on TurboLinux’s heels with its release. TurboLinux
outed its code in late March according to Lonn Johnston, vice
president of corporate communications. Since then, he said,
TurboLinux has completed three revisions of its early release.
“It’s getting to be fairly mature,” he said. Both Red Hat and
TurboLinux distributions enable IA-64 software development for
intensive computing environments, from high-performance design
automation to enterprise-level databases.”

“London said that the full release of Red Hat’s offering is
slated to coincide with the IA-64 hardware availability from Intel.
Johnston said that although TurboLinux has another revision in the
works and expects it to soon be released, TurboLinux was not yet
prepared to announce a a date for its availability.”


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