LinuxMonth: Interview with ‘ILLIAD’

“BT: How did User Friendly start ?”

“Illiad: I was just doodling one day at the office, an ISP I
used to work for. I passed the cartoon around and my co-workers
liked them, so I drew some more and eventually put them up on the

“BT: Where do you get your ideas from ?”

“Illiad: From personal experience, and from talking to people in
the community. The lion’s share of inspiration comes from the
community itself….”

“BT: UF has been compared to Dilbert, In your perception, is
that a fair comparison ?

“Illiad: It’s a pretty shallow comparison at best. Yes, UF
addresses a specific audience, but so does almost every other
cartoon. Dilbert is written for the corporate-bound, whereas UF’s
focus is on geek culture and technology.”

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