LinuxMonth: Linux Network Basics, Ground Zero

“Of course we are talking about networks here, and anyone who’s
not fresh to computers knows how frustrating it can be when the
network connection breaks and the flimsy manual tells you to check
a website for the solution. Good news, most Linux distributions
have a massive amount of documentation in the /usr/doc directory.
Information about just about any program is likely under the
/usr/doc/[program name-version number]/ directory and fairly
current copy of the HOWTOs are under /usr/doc/HOWTO/ In addition
you can find a fair amount of information about a command by typing
man [command]”

“You should begin to scan one of the Linux or network
security weekly periodicals
like Linux Weekly News or
subscribe to bugtraq. You should update whenever you hear of
general security threat or a threat to your distribution. Even if
you don’t here anything bad you should check you distribution’s
security or errata website every week.”

“You will need to be assigned IP numbers for things like
nameservers and gateways to make you network connections work. You
will also need to be assigned your own IP number for your machine.
In the case of PPP you will automagicly receive an IP number as
part of the protocol, but in the case of Ethernet you must alocate
one yourself (unless you are running DHCP client for Linux, but we
will save that for a later discussion.)”

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