linuxnewbie.org: Eterm for me, Eterm for you

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

Eterm is a copycat terminal with bonus options. Eterm uses
Imlib for advanced graphic abilities.
Many people love the
clear terminals you see on alot of screenshots. I typically run
clear terms with a tint or a darker shade for a bit of
differentiation from my background. Otherwise it can be difficult
to read my files because of the color display I have set within
DIR_COLORS. Which I could edit, but I’m too lazy :)…”

“I use Eterm as my main terminal. There are a few really cool
features of Eterm that may or may not interest you. Basically if
you read this far its safe to say you’re interested. Again, I use
transparent terms with a slight tint of black to differentiate from
the background display…”