LinuxNewbie.org: Frequent Emacs Commands NHF

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

“Well, how to begin is a question for philosophers, so I’m just
going to dig in and go for it. The first question you may ask is,
“What exactly is emacs?” And that would be a very good question.
Some highbrow users may raise their eyebrows and reply, “What isn’t
emacs?” But not here, we will go into detail about the purpose,
uses, and general basics of the emacs editor.”

“As mentioned in that last sentence, emacs, in the most basic
sense, is a text editor. It allows you to create, edit, and save
new or existing text files on your machine. But its scope and power
is not limited to mere text editing. Emacs incorporates various
operational modes specific to the type of document that you are
working on. This document is being written in emacs under the
text-mode. Other modes include HTML, C++, LISP, and SCHEME.”

What,” you may ask, “is the purpose of these operating
modes?” Excellent question! For now, let’s just say that they make
emacs smarter and friendlier to use when editing these types of
files. For any programmers out there, can you say automatic
parentheses matching?

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