Linuxnewbie.org: Getting Linux Online via a Windows Proxy using AnalogX

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

This nhf is excellent if you want to use your Linux machine
behind a Windows machine on a network, but share a connection. Many
newbies want to use Linux as a secondary machine because of their
newness to the OS.

“This document is intended for those of you who are having
trouble figuring how to configure PPP networking for your Linux
box. Or maybe you found out too late that you have a WinModem, and
haven’t gotten around to getting a new one. I found a great
temporary solution for those of you who want to be able to get
online on your Linux box using your other Windows box as a Proxy
server, bypassing your PPP networking headaches. This is a great
way for you to get online with your Linux box to download the
drivers you need to compile/install to get all your hardware in
your Linux box running. Then you can break your tether to the
Windows box if you want to!”

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