LinuxNewbie.org: Good Programming Practice: Version 1.0

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“This is a guide to learning how to write good programs. I’m
not going to teach you a programming language, rather I’m going to
teach you how to do proper programming so that you can write good
code, good programs and easy to maintain code.
Obviously I’m
assuming that you’re familiar or learning at least one programming
language. By the way, when I say programming language, I also refer
to scripting languages. In this document, I will be doing examples
in C, Python, Java and BASH Script simply because I know these

“The most common programming error is a programmer forgetting to
put a semi-colon to terminate a statement. The errors you get from
doing this are sometimes so cryptic it befuddles a novice
programmer. Always be sure to check each line of your code to see
if you’ve properly terminated it.”

“In languages like C, Java, and BASH, white space is ignored.
That means you can write surprisingly obfuscated code by ignoring
white space yourself.”

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