LinuxNewbie.org: How to add reiser-fs support to Slackware 7

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

“Reiserfs is a new Linux journaling file system developed by
Hans Reiser and his team of developers. The advantage of a
journaling file system is that a crash is less likely to corrupt
the hard drive and a recovery is thousands of time faster.
Journaling file systems are the de-facto standard in high end Unix
boxes (Solaris, AIX, SGI, etc.) Recently, they started to appear
for Linux as well. SGI and IBM released the source code for their
journaled file system. In the reiserfs web site, they publish
benchmarks that show that reiserfs is also faster then ext2.”

“Download the reiser-fs patch from
http://www.devlinux.com/namesys. Make sure you download the version
that matches your kernel version.”

“Once everything is installed create your partitions with fdisk
or you can reformat an existing partition. mkreiserfs is the
program you need. Mount the partitions as usual, using reiserfs for
the fs type.”

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