linuxnewbie.org: Trends & Truisms

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

“Trends also become every shallow person’s excuse for making
chitchat with other people and expecting us to believe they are
actually interesting. Trends give people some sort of pathetic
raison d’être. Trends are a way for people to hitch onto the
most recent gravy train in the hopes of making a quick buck. Trends
cause people to lose sight of what the initial purpose was all

“Conversely, trends also allow for a commercialization of an
idea or product to find new avenues that it/they might not have
normally found….”

The trend or popularity of open source does not mean that
the result is better.
As Linus Torvalds said, “It means you
have the potential to take advantage of a much more scaleable way
of doing development. It does not mean that you will, or that it
will lead you in the right direction.”