LinuxNewbie.org: Wheres the RAM?

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

“The purpose of this document is to help you get Linux to
recognize all of your RAM.
It tries to be as complete as
possible, covering all the questions and answers posted on LNO
about this problem.”

“First, some background information; the problem isn’t with
Linux, it’s with your motherboard’s BIOS.
Some BIOSes cannot
properly report memory over 64 MB, so this information must be
provided before the kernel is loaded into memory. This is done by
passing this info as a boot time argument, so the reliability of
the system does not depend on a flaky BIOS report.”

“I know what you’re thinking, “Flaky BIOS? But Windows detects
all of my memory just fine. What’s the deal?”.”