LinuxNewbie: Why I Chose NT Over Linux

[ Thanks to Sensei
for this link. ]

“I’m an information technology professional with several years
of experience. I earned my MCSE early in 1999, as a means to help
further my career. I’d been fiddling with Linux at home for
only a couple of months, at that time. In the months between then
and now, I’ve learned an awful lot about Linux.
I’m no expert
– not by any stretch of the imagination – but I’m pretty
comfortable with what I need Linux to do.”

“I should qualify the statement above by stating that I’m not an
expert with Windows NT, either. I’ve got a certificate that says I
passed six exams successfully. I do feel competent with NT – more
so than with Linux, actually. I see a lot of strengths and
weaknesses with both products, and advocate each in their own